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I am Nina, your startup and business buddy answering your questions regarding all kinds of business topics. With my pool of experts, I’ll ease your daily struggles and guide you through the startup and scaleup process. Let’s get independent and successful - we’re in this, together!

I provide you with qualified advice by business experts and video interviews from my awesome community of founders and entrepreneurs, an exclusive blog, well-structured checklists as well as help in the fields of founding a business, finding clients, expanding the team and managing finances.

Be it in person or digitally, at an event or for a chat – my experts and me are excited to talk to you and share our ever-growing wisdom for your future business success.

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Meet the team.

Digitally or in-person, at an event or in an interview - no matter how we contact, I'd be delighted to meet you.  


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Tobias Bussmann

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Serge de Wilde

Product Owner
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Berfin Göcer

Operations Manager 
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André Meier

Marketing Trainee
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Denise Rollier

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Nadia Chamakhe

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Marina Cantafio

HelloNina Reporter
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Bord of Director

Sascha Eisenecher

Chief of business strategy 
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Markus Helbling

Chairman of the Board 
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Advisory Board​​

Karin Friedli

Advisory Board 
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Franco Ghilardelli

Member of the Board 
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Heinz Vogel

Member of the Board 
BDO AG Switzerland

Nino Ruef

Advisory Board 
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Markus Kammueller

Advisory Board 
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Franz d'Huc

Advisory Board 
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Manuel Nappo

Advisory Board 
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Angela Luteijn

Advisory Board 
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Christian Klinner

Advisory Board 
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Nils Hafner

Advisory Board 
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Anne Scherer

Advisory Board 
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Jenny Schaepper

Advisory Board 
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