1. Own expertise

First look at your own potential and experiences. Where are my core competencies?

2. Brainstorm

Grab some paper – and brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.

3. Inspiration

Where are unsolved problems in everyday life? What could be even more ecological, healthier, more efficient - or simply just better?

4. Why?

Which area seems the most interesting to you? Decide and apply this golden formula: "who" wants "what" "for what" (need fulfillment), "because..." (motivation)?

5. Draft

Now it's time to outline - as radical as possible - ideas which provide a potential solution.

6. Optimize

Sort your ideas - what is cool and what can actually be implemented? 

7. Repeat

Develop your idea further, so that it lies in the so-called sweet spot.

8. Now how?

Your business idea is born - now you can think about the implementation.

9. Lean Startup Method

For startups with innovative ideas I recommend the Lean Startup method.

10. Canvas

The perfect tool for you is the Lean Canvas.