1. Get ready.

Make sure desk, laptop, IT access etc. is ready at the first day of your new employee. It's a good way of showing appreciation and excitement towards a new employee if you have put some effort into the preperation work.

2. Let other staff members know that a new team member is starting.

Internal communication is very important. A new colleague is a major thing for the team. 

3. Make sure their company email address is setup.

This goes hand in hand with the above. Get ready and set everything up so your employee is ready to roll on his/her first day.

4. Give them a welcome gift.

Flowers, Coffee, Lunch, a pen or a mug. No matter what, presents and small gifts is a nice gesture and makes people feel welcome. 

5. Introduce them to the team.

Take the first day as an opportunity to show your new employee around. Apart from the facility make sure to make him/her familiar with the team and most important partner's names.

6. Talk to them about your office culture.

Walk the talk. Employees very much follow the lead. Giving an introduction on the culture is good, living the culture is even better. 

7. Assign them a buddy or mentor.

This often works out very well. It takes the pressure away from your new employee to ask "anybody and everybody" for help. Instead, he/she has a single go-to-person who takes on the job of making the new colleague feel good in the new environment. Often, good friendships are a result of this concept. 

8. Give them a warm welcome on your social media.

Remember: Communicate the good news with your team members first, before sharing it to the outside.

9. Allow them enough time to settle in.

I'm sure you already have big plans with your new employee. But consider that it takes around 6 months to completely settle into a new job.  

10. Outline what the employee can expect in their first week.

Lay out a rough plan on what you will be doing and showing him/her in the first few days.