1. Create a list of investors you’d like to meet.

  • What company could be interested in investing in your business?
  • What partners could profit from a collaboration?
  • What private person with the financial means could benefit from working with you (and investing)?
  • Also, consider platforms online that connect startups with investors. 

2. Give investors a reason to reach out to you.

Set up an investor's plan. What's in it for the investors? And what makes your business special and worthy for an investment? Also think about what "security" you can provide.

3. Be a part of professional social networking sites.

Look what platform has your investors target group and engage on LinkedIn, Xing and the like. Maintain and grow your community, go on networking events.

4. Do crowdfunding!

Connect with other crowdfunded startups to share experiences and ​​​put yourself in the investor's shoes. Think of your 5 key messages around your business. Give investors 3 good reasons put their money in your company.

5. Put your pitch deck together.

Take every opportunity to pitch and improve your pitch with every feedback you get. ​Make your pitch easy to understand and fun to listen to. 

6. Learn with every "No" you hear.

Don't give up after a no, get inspired by others who don't give up and share their story. And last but not least: Watch TED Talk, Jia Jiang, "What I've learned from what I learned from 100 days of rejection."

7. Work with an incubator or accelerator.

Check out events happening: F10 or Kickstart Accelerator and the like.

8. Go to events and chat about your business.

Share your story: Get feedback on how to approach and work with investors, improve your approach, your pitch and stay agile. 

9. Ask yourself: Is my business ready for investors?

Keep challenging yourself on your idea to find an investor right now. Think ahead what happens when you find your investors and how will the collaboration look like. 

10. Do coworking and talk to people.

Remember: You are not alone. There are many people out there who had exactly the same hassle that you have right now. Also consider talking to an expert.