My guide with 10 essential tips on how to optimize your conversion rate.

“GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE": Nowadays, there are many dope ways to boost your conversion rate online. Be it with a customer-oriented internet marketing strategy, design, usability, brand positioning, lead generation, optimized payment or product presentation, to name just a few. The steps to take can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. But, no worries - your business buddy Nina is here to help!”

Conversion rate - what is it, really?

Well, you're right - let's start at the beginning: Conversion happens, whenever visitors of your (web) shop become actual customers. To get the rate of it, simply divide conversions by visitors, and multiply the whole thing with 100. What you hold in your hands, then, might look like a number. But true pros see much more: a peek into your company's soul. In this tip, I'll tell you about some great ways you also may reach sales heaven.

Raise those numbers – with soul.

The question might seem fair, at first: With an ocean of possible customers out there – why should you bother if anyone returns? The next one always waits around the corner, so you just hang around until a fitting client finds you, right? 

Hmmm - not quite. Researchers are all of the same mind, with that: Loyal customers buy more, and they also bring the significantly higher conversion rate - throughout all business fields. So, even nowadays, with people often entering by the browser window rather than the shop door – your brand matters. Make them love you! 

How you can do that and thus reach new conversion heights, I tell you here. But don't forget: this is just a quick overview on a multi-faceted topic. For further insight, you should definitely ask one my experts.

Boost your online sales: conversion for your e-commerce.

There are sooo many self-proclaimed gurus in this field, it is getting kind of ridiculous. In my opinion, conversion optimization for your webpage always has to do with your personal brand, and needs individual attention – e.g. in my chat. Yet, there still ARE some crucial points I can tell you about, that are true for any e-commerce online shop system:

🌪️ Respect the funnel. The famous "online conversion funnel" points to four consecutive segments, whenever people are spending time on your page. They are: 1."awareness", 2. "interest", 3. "consideration" and 4. "conversion". Do your own walk-throughs and tweaks of your future website based on this.

🛍️ Serve the best conditions. Your e-commerce page should include great offers like free shipping, optimized pricing, a reasonable return policy, limited-time-coupons, raffles and preferably some money-back-option.

🧚‍♀️ Look the part. Be it your overall page structure, USP-rich product descriptions, great photos and headlines and wisely used "calls to action": your page really has to impress. Also, be sure to capture emails, and always show your phone number and contact details (preferably not only in the footer).

🛒 Don't be abandoned. If you, like many, get abandoned carts from people who just chose something on your page and leave, be sure to remind them. There is pretty awesome software for that, out there – like with Rejoiner, Barilliance or BigCommerce. Btw: always show the shopping cart content on your page, wherever the visitors go! 

💬 And: Get chatty! Live chat software is plentiful. You don't have to get a fancy bot, like me.;-) But if you use live chats from providers like SnapEngage, Facebook Chat, Tidio and others, you can be sure to get some positive results. But make sure to be available! If this is only true for certain hours, always mention them.

One last tip: A great conversion starter – optimized payments.

You should play your cards well – and offer much more than them. Card paying options are not the most convenient option out there, anymore, so you should expand your variety. 

Invoice, digital wallets, digital currencies, and such: alternative payment options (APMs) are an ever-growing sector of possibilities. "APM" means everything you don't do with a card, and believe me, there are better tricks out there! Get to know them, to use them for conversion optimization, and you will soon reap the financial rewards!

So, yeah, I told you – conversion rate optimization is a lot to take in. But, no worries – if you still have any questions left, you can always ask my HelloNina Experts.

Digital hugs,
Nina ♥️

In a nutshell: your 10 most important steps for better online conversion.

A clear web design is soooo essential. Use lucid menus and links, with no distraction, a nice and to-the-point (subpage) header and minimal need to scroll.

Talk the talk! A consistent wording CI implemented by a copywriting pro is more important than you might think: strong "calls to action", news and headlines rule!

More than half the mobile users shop with their phone - in the US, it even exceeds desktop-only. Design your shop to meet the future, with mobile optimization.

Behold the power of social media! Yes, there is a lot of competition. But you can automate purchase shares with opt-out, and allow social media logins for your site!

Prove your worth with customer testimonials or reviews on your landing page, and link those up with the reviewer's social media pages, to show they're real.

Optimize your lead capture forms, make them short and simple, and offer dropdown menus and checkboxes. This way, people give data far more freely.

Google Analytics, Optimizely, Unbounce, Kissmetrics: the list of testing providers is long – and you cannot afford to ignore it! Also, do A/B tests with real people. 

A highness in relevance brings higher sales, as well. It is not only super important if you want to get search engine-friendly – unique content is true conversion gold!

People say "know your enemy" – I say: "know your friends!" What makes your customers tick, how do they think, how should you talk to them: find it all out!

To get customers to return, the last impression often is the important one. Be sure to optimize your checkout process with providers like BigCommerce.