João Pedro Monteiro, veezoo KS Accelerator Zürich PART 1

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator

WHO: 30 startups


Wladimir d´Harcourt, Dalou KS Accelerator Zürich PART 2

PART 2: Dalou

Dimiter Dimitrov, tickey KS Accelerator Zürich PART 3

PART 3: Tickey

Hello Digitals,

today I have some very special stuff for you. Because the kickstart accelerator comes to an end after 11 weeks. Of course, I was at the front line: The mood on the ground was energizing and it was just sparkling with much creativity and power.

In my kickstart interviews you get not only information about the core business of the startup, but also many pains, gains and fails. Of course, there is also mega secret information in my section "Nina Inside". For the Kickstart Accelerator special, I invited some participating startups to the interview. On board were:

    Tickey (Future Emerging Technologies)
    veezoo (Fintech)
    Dalou (Food)

Over 850 startups have applied for the Kickstart Accelerator, of which a total of 30 national and international were selected. At the initiative of DigitalZürich 2025, the platform was organized with the aim of stimulating the digitization across all sectors. Switzerland, especially Zurich, is establishing itself as a hub for technology and innovation in the start-up scene.

The Kickstart Accelerator is a national and pan-European one-off initiative, especially because it is supported and enabled by 23 partner organizations, which usually compete. In this project, large-scale entrepreneurs rely on cooperation with new founders. The start-ups will be given the opportunity to present their business ideas, they will be advised by mentors of the Swiss innovation and start-up ecosystem, and they will be financially supported with scholarships and contributions up to CHF 25,000. Wow!

The 11-week intensive program offers the start-ups an opportunity to develop their services and / or their product as well as to test their products with the global partners. Large companies are realizing that the new services are compatible with day-to-day business, thus closing gaps and optimizing processes. Through joint testing, long-term partnerships between large companies and start-ups can arise.

The selected start-ups can be divided into the four categories "Fintech", "Smart & Connected Machines", "Future & Emerging Technologies" and "Food".

Impact Hub Zurich is hosting the Kickstart Accelerator. In a creative environment, the start-ups are offered various areas, from the co-working area to the relaxation area. So – have fun with the videos!

Digital Hugs,