Get to the "happy ending" with invoices, inventory, taxes and more: How well are you prepared for your annual accounts? Here are some tips and tricks on the annual accounts and other help topics for you and your business.

1. Checklist

All in one place: This checklist should help you with the preparation of the annual accounts - meaning invoices, receipts, insurance, inventory, etc. You get an overview of the documents needed - but the checklist is not final, and more general. There are always individual documents that are indispensable to your business and need to be made available, and more are added every year. If you are unsure - chat with my experts on! You’ll find my manual for the financial statement on my website.

2. Optimize Taxes

More than half the job: Tax optimization is not limited to the current annual accounts. Rather, you have to understand the different years as parts of a whole. The financial years form clearly defined billing sections - but your company is constantly in flux. Measures taken often have an impact on subsequent years. It is therefore important to look at all tax types and to cover the entire life cycle of a company. You see: your tax optimization is demanding, and needs an overall concept. But do not worry - my experts and I are here for you.

3. Important Dates

Full speed pays off! Start the new year with an annual plan and enter the most important deadlines - this will save you a lot of stress.
If you are self-employed, you must have paid the alleged personal AHV contributions by the end of January. I recommend you hand over the salary statement to your employees by the end of February. The last quarter or semester must be submitted to and paid in by the VAT administration by the end of February. Beware - the cantons have different deadlines for the tax declaration. You can find the appointment printed on the form. Usually, you can apply for an extension electronically, but definitely do it before the original appointment expires!
In case of uncertainties, you can always ask one of my experts online!

4. Wage Deposit

Go online: Nowadays, all messages can actually be created or transmitted online, which saves time and money. Because with online delivery, you can often benefit from better administrative costs. Get a helpful overview on my website.

5. Salary Statement

Every employer is required to issue a salary statement. In it, you must specify all the benefits the employee received in the (existing or former) employment relationship.

You will find the form and the instructions for creating the salary statement under this link. My advice: pay special attention to the "questions and answers on the salary statement".

It's worth it! ;-)

6. Data Storage

Avoid a storage jam! It makes sense to reserve a fixed time slot once a week / month for that - so it will be easier for you to have the filing under control.

Together with my experts, I have listed some helpful tips on how to keep order with your electronic filing system. Find out more about the most important topics concerning mandatory file storage at! (<- Hier bei englisch eher .com?)

Do you have everything ready for your annual financial statement – or are you still looking for further information? In case of insecurities you can do the quick test in the HelloNina chat or simply download my checklist.

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