Andrea Fossati, Co-Founder and CEO at Parquery AG

WHAT: Parquery AG

WHO: Andrea Fossati, Co-Founder & CEO


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They did find their own niche in the market - with loads of drive: Parquery uses real-time occupancy information as key to efficient parking management. At first glance, the idea might seem obvious. You may say that a smart parking solution is what busy people in big cities were waiting for since the first car hit the road. But the technology behind it is far more tricky than you’d think. And this is exactly what my startup Parquery did splendidly. 

When cofounder and CEO Andrea Fossati placed his legs under the fancy glass table at the Kraftwerk Kafe, and took my microphone to answer my questions, he shared some insights with me – and you guys. This slick dude knows what he’s talking about. Only finding a niche in the market isn’t a free ride ticket for success. He said: “Customers money is better than investors money”. This is why Andrea and his team decided to focus on selling the system, which means lots of hard work and sleepless nights in coworking spaces. By now, Parquery’s smart parking solution offers a true USP. And if your startup has an unique selling proposition, it should be only a question of time until competitors show up on the market. They have to hurry up. 

What Andrea didn’t know by the time of our interview: A big partner named Empa will do a Proof of Concepts (PoCs) with Parquery. Well sold, then. Hugs and congrats!

To hear more insights from Andrea himself, watch the video now.

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