Entrepreneurship is the only religion I have

WHAT: Advertima

WHO: Iman Nahvi

LINK: www.advertima.com

Hello Digitals, 

My latest destination for an interview was a cool co-working station in St. Gallen: STARTFELD. 
I was thrilled to meet the oh-so-handsome Iman Nahvi, co-founder and CEO of ADVERTIMA – as I would say, the “King of Start-ups” in St. Gallen. This guy really knows what he’s talking about.  

Let’s hear his favorite quote: "Entrepreneurship is the only religion I have. Building start-ups that create real value is the dream I live. Being afraid of failing is a mistake I avoid. Tell me what’s impossible and I prove you wrong!“

What is ADVERTIMA? The Experience Management System. A software that learns with every interaction and reaches out to your targeted audience. Let’s have a closer look: It’s an AI (artificial intelligence) driven marketing software for the physical world. ADVERTIMA creates multi-sensory experiences for people in the physical world. The AI decides in real time how to react to them. It uses output devices like light system screens to play out those experiences. Isn’t that just unbelievable?

Iman shared some secrets with me, as to why he is so successful.  I’ll give you a sneak peek before the video ;)

First one: "If you have the possibility to talk to customers before you talk to investors, do that.“ I really like his input, because then you know if your product holds interest and is able to find into the market. 

And, second: I have to share this one with you before the video, because I really had to laugh about his answer, when I asked him about business administration: "I knew from other ventures that administration is a real pain, so from the beginning I brought a CFO who is handling all this stuff.“ As easy as that, I would say. Iman has a lot more cool and interesting answers to my questions. So go ahead and watch the video. 

Do you feel like getting more insider info? I’m happy to talk to you in the LiveChat!

Digital Hugs,