Get ready for a super impressive fempreneur

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator 2018

WHO: Mine Uran

​​​LINK:  Alver

The bundle of energy Mine Uran from vegan food startup Alver showed me in an interview at Kickstart Accelerator 2018 that each of us can go the way to self-employment. No matter when you get the call, and how successful you already are - you should just follow it!

Mine is an industrial engineer and has worked for Unilever and Dupont for decades, most recently as "Head Protein R & D" for Nestle, which in 2014 even led her to a discussion in the White House.

Despite her successful career, she has decided to start her own business. Like many startups, she has been (and still is) confronted with the full range of administrative challenges, but she feels the task is tremendously fulfilling.

Alver started in 2016 with a very successful crowdfunding campaign, which has already made protein products known and available beyond Switzerland's borders. Alver wants to cover the need for vegetable protein with the product “Golden Chlorella”. As a basis, the products rely on an alga, which, however, does not taste like it - and is mega delicious! I can vouch for that...

This is a startup that has embraced the ecologically-minded concept of sustainability and has come a great deal closer to the goal of plant-based, healthy protein intake. Just great!

I'm sure you want to know more about Mine and her business. You can do that, too - with the video!

Digital Hugs,