Your financial statements: Tips from a HelloNina Expert

ABOUT: Financial Statement

EXPERT: Marina Bollhalder

WHAT: PingPong Interview 🏓

LAST YEAR IS OVER: Now, you should create an annual statement all by yourself? Do not worry and just take a deep breath :-) I think you can get some help - especially if you're still in the initial phase with your startup, and you do not know all the requirements.

My fantastic business expert Marina Bollhalder has a lot to offer: Not only does she hold the title of "Leading Fiduciary" at BDO, she also has a federal certificate. All while being very straightforward, enormously interested in digitization and communication and offering holistic advice on processes in each growth phase of your business. Her main focus: fiduciary, payroll, tax return, and – right: the annual accounts. Marina will share practical tips you need to consider – such as important deadlines or legal requirements on company size. For example, did you know that the annual accounts can also serve as a practical management and planning tool?

And if all else fails in the end, our experts agree: dare to go to the accountant and get some support. 👉 Here, you find great people to contact for this.

More information needed? Watch the video right here, contact my HelloNina experts today and keep up-to-date on the topic of year-end closing, in the chat. Much power and success for your upcoming financial statements!

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