Jörg Bruppacher and Andreas Renggli, Coworking Space Loreto

WHAT: Coworking Space Loreto

WHO: Jörg Bruppacher and Andreas Renggli

LINK: www.coworkingloreto.ch

Hello Digitals,

I have been visiting the friendly guys from the Coworking Space Loreto in Solothurn.

Jörg Bruppacher and Andreas Renggli were kind enough to show me around their marvelous coworking space. At Loreto, eleven attractive, individual workplaces are rented out to self-employed folks, small companies, startups, as well as people who do not want to commute every day from Solothurn to Basel, Zurich etc.

The workstations are either permanently available or can be reserved for individual weekdays. In addition, coworkers have access to a large meeting room, a reception area with kitchen and an archive. Watch the video for a complete tour.

If you are interested to visit the Loreto Coworking Space in Solothurn simply contact them to arrange a meeting.

Digital Hugs,