BDO Abacus Forum 2017

WHAT: BDO Abacus Forum 2017

WHO: Claudio Hintermann, Martin Bühler, Thomas Barthelt, Markus Reber


Hello Digitals,

it is video time!

This was one afternoon full of educational and fascinating workshops, presentations and panels about business administration. What a pleasure to be part of it!

The big question: Passion and business software - is this possible? The answer: It certainly is. Claudio Hintermann, CEO of Abacus Research AG, told me about Abacus and what it actually can do. Especially their new software AbaNinja was a huge topic. It is very easy and fully digital - exactly the way I like it!

Speaking of passion: Not only business software can be a passion - the whole business administration can become so. Need any help or advice? Chat with me! I’m very passionate about help people. So, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. <3

Digital Hugs,