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WHO: Andrii Karpiuk

LINK: sens.bio

Woohoo! Happily presenting to you my first interview with the Kickstart Accelerator startup BIOsens. Starting with the video of Andrii Karpiuk, you get a little taste of things to come. You may get excited about this upcoming series of interviews.

I was able to coax out some hot insights from Andrii, about his startup. BIOsens actually develops “the internet of things”: in their case,  technology can diagnose food quality immediately. An inspiring, and as I think, also very complex subject. Andrii told me, that few people really think about what they eat everyday. But BIOsens see a big opportunity for their product and are working very hard in finding their perfect customer. But hey, how does naming your optimal customer help you, if you don't have any money to improve your sample preparation? In the case of BIOsens, the team prefers grant money over investors money, as Andrii told me. 

He also took the time to give me valuable new insight into their current business status and, on top, some helpful tips for starting a business. Also, you can find the answer to the following, incredibly important question in the video: “What is your biggest pain in business administration and how do you handle it?”

I wish you a lot of fun while watching - and valuable impulses!

Digital Hugs,