Meet my Advisory Board

WHAT: Meet my Advisory Board

WHO: HelloNina Advisory Board

Hello Digitals,

 I’ve decided to take you along to my latest Advisory Board meeting. Or rather, to bring them to you – right in front of my camera.

In this video, you get to know the chairman of my Board, Markus Helbling, and all my other Advisory Board buddies, like Christian Klinner (RON ORP/100days), Markus Kammueller (BDO) or Anne Scherer (Universität Zürich). Every single time, I am very excited to hear their advice and tips. Believe me – their feedback is priceless!

Curious already? Let’s zoom in and find out what they told me.

And noooow - what about you? Is there a special piece of advice you’d like to share with me? I would be thrilled!

Digital Hugs,