Boatify AG, Johannes Röhrenbach PART 1

WHAT: Boatify AG

WHO: Johannes Röhrenbach


Boatify AG, Business Model and Taxes PART 2

Boatify AG, Accounting, Insurance & Tools PART 3

Boatify AG, Fails, Pains & Tips PART 4

Hello Startups,

take a look at this! Johannes Röhrenbach lives for Sharing Economy and therefore, he has created boatify AG. In the interview, the young entrepreneur not only told me about his brilliant business idea, but also chatted about secrets and did not hold back.

That a startup life is not always easy, Johannes can clearly confirm! Fails and pains also belong to the everyday life of boatify. For you, I've divided the video into topic blocks:

     Part 1: What is Boatify?
     Part 2: How does the business model work and how does it work with taxes?
     Part 3: Administration / Accounting / Insurance / Work tools
     Part 4: Fails, Pains & Tips / HelloNina Inside

Let's run it and have fun! <3

Digital Hugs,