Sales, channels, marketing strategy: How do I get my products and services to the customer? How do I promote my brand?

Great, we've already done a lot: After the market analysis, you have defined the company goals and by that answered the question WHERE you want to go with your company. With the corporate strategy, you then set HOW you want to achieve your goals. Now it's time to determine the concrete measures - you have to decide WHICH instruments you want to use. This is what you do with the marketing and distribution chapter in the business plan.

Your optimal marketing mix includes 5 (highly political) areas:

📦 Product
Includes aspects such as design, style, quality, packaging, size, brand name, assortment planning, and service and warranties

💰 Price
Pricing, discounts, bonuses, payment, delivery and credit terms

🏪 Placement (Distribution)
Locations, exterior and interior design, warehousing, transportation, distribution channels and intermediaries

📺 Promotion (communication)
Advertising, personal sales, promotion, trade, fairs, sponsoring, events, PR

👯 Staff
Staff capacity, staff qualification, training needs, employee motivation

How can you now set up the optimal marketing mix for your business idea?

📦 The product policy in the marketing mix

The basis for the marketing mix is your product. Without a convincing product that delivers concrete customer benefits and added value, it will be extremely difficult to be successful in the long term.

💰 Define pricing policy

The prize is an important tool in the marketing mix. In addition to the price itself, it is about the determination of discounts, financing options, payment, delivery conditions. Of course, it is also important that you set the best possible price-performance ratio.

🏪 Distribution policy: what distribution channels should you pick?

Under "distribution policy", you determine in the marketing mix where you want to offer your product and which distribution channels you want to use. You can only sell your product if it reaches the customer. Basically, a distinction is made between direct and indirect sales.

📺 Communication policy: promote your offer

If the customer does not know that your product exists, they will not buy it! In addition to the online and offline communication with their numerous advertising materials, the topic of communication policy in the marketing mix is also about sales-promoting measures.

An optimal marketing mix is a mix of offline and online activities, each one aligned. Once you have your mix set, you can find your marketing budget. Also, PR can make your products better known. Sure, that costs a hell of a lot - but it's also  worth it!

👯 Staff policy

Employees are of central importance to companies. In the SME world, employees are often the only element that distinguishes companies from the competition.

Social and economic processes are basically inseparable. If employees are satisfied, this has no doubt effects on the company:

- increased productivity and higher performance

- more creative results in development and research

- decreasing operating costs

This makes it possible to react faster and more efficiently to changes in the market. High employee satisfaction is also reflected in the low number of absenteeism and sick leave days.

In addition, satisfied employees will always remain loyal. This allows you to avoid constant learning phases and enables you to retain highly qualified employees for the long term.

When developing the marketing mix, be sure to work through the 5 areas listed above in a first step. In a second step, you should then have your marketing mix checked critically, whether the individual areas are coordinated.

In the mix, you have determined the marketing tools and the corresponding marketing measures. Now it's time to quantify the marketing costs, and then set a marketing budget. The marketing budget will later be included in the financial plan, which is an integral part of your resource planning. If you need help with the marketing budget, budget plan and / or business plan - contact my professionals!

💡My experts will be happy to help you!

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