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London: Place-to-be for ambitious startups who think big. With numerous big brands and corporates, it offers an ideal starting point. Here, pretty juicy deals can be closed.

Anyone who wants to get to know the London startup scene will find no way to avoid: Andy Tait, co-founder of Collider.

What is Collider, exactly? Collider co-operates with the really big ones and describes itself as a "Marketing and Advertising Technology Accelerator“. Collider invests in breakthrough platforms, products and services from emerging technology start-ups in the marketing and advertising sector. With his network, Collider becomes an important career step for many a startup.

I had the awesome opportunity to meet Andy. And to grill him about all sorts of topics. He told me: "We have the best start-ups, the best partners and the best investors.“ Quite confident, this statement - but not without reason. In fact, Collider had some very successful startups under their wings, like Seenit for example.

One thing is certain: I’ve met a real startup professional, who knows countless tips and tricks.

He always insists on one principle:
"Just keep going!“ In difficult phases, it is most important to fight and stay on the ball, because only then the good times will return. Every startup is a roller coaster ride. Word. Who does not know.

If you do not know how to go on, there is only one thing left to do:
Ask for help or seek support. This tip is worth its weight in gold.

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