"What's the biggest difference between then and now? I'm my own boss. And I have little money, like when I was trainee." Andrea Girasole, Founder of Billte App


  1. THE optimist job
  2. Make your principles count
  3. Must-have: Innovative life setting
  4. Only for risk-taking lovers
  5. Financed by bank or equity
  6. Be an independent, individual fighter!
  7. Cross-thinker / rebel
  8. Often with legal form
  9. Only for people "dressed for success"
  10. You work for your own account

 StartUpers in their natural habitat: They feel the most comfortable next to their business idea. 


  1. Several people believe in one idea (usually developed by the entrepreneur)
  2. You're in it for the long haul (initially mostly during your free time)
  3. There is little capital at the start
  4. Often: scalable business model
  5. Innovative business idea / "problem-solution fit"
  6. Often: fast growth.
  7. Financed by business angels, venture capital or crowdfunding
  8. Low hierarchies. But as the founder, you remain the decision maker
  9. At first: negative cash flow. Keep calm!
  10. Important: Strategic business plan

The life of a Freelancer: Always stay tuned. 


  1. Your know-how is your service
  2. Financed by your equity
  3. All-rounder? This is your thing, then
  4. Also called "self-employed"
  5. Your boss? That's you
  6. Usually several customers
  7. For networking pros
  8. Be the progress!
  9. You work for your own account
  10. Ahead of the curve