Luke Szkudlarek, Founding Partner,


WHO: Luke Szkudlarek


Hello Digitals,

Luke named it: speed matters.

In my latest interview, this highly interesting dude from the "growth hacking and prototyping" company "" in Zurich talked about what most startups do wrong, in Switzerland and anywhere: they start too late with marketing or sales.

Posting something is not enough.
According to Luke, too many startups believe in instant social media success: just because you put something on Facebook, doesn't made it will go viral automatically. Like me, Luke believes in developing a sound strategy early on.

Be consumer focused, not product focused.
Yeah, man: I believe Luke when he says that one should wait with development as long as one can. By saying "fail fast and quick" Luke means: build things quickly and test them with real clients. Consumer focus is super important, really. And what's more: Speed matters. When it takes too long you risk losing the competition. I hear you.

What I was especially interested in: how does Luke manage administration?
Ooh, what a nice smile he had on his face when I asked :-) From the beginning, he did all the admin stuff himself. He works with the tool "podio" for expenses and CRM and they use "Google drive" like a small SAP. By now, with more transactions (around 100 a month), Luke and his company hired some virtual assistants. Clever, guys!

You want to know more?
Well then, I wish you loads of fun with this new video - enjoy, watch and learn (like me).

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