Feedbacks from my Pitch Training

WHAT: Pitch Training

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Hello Digitals,

It’s a beautiful, sunny day and I’m off to welcome six MadTech startups for my pitch training. They are all here to improve their pitches in preparation for the Swiss Online and Marketing Conference (SOM) pitch event on 19 April 2018 in Zurich.

An absolutely fantastic group of people. After coffee, chats and big smiles we dive right into a session about focus, structure, presentation techniques and best of all, personal experiences from experts who have pitched many, many times before. 

In the second part, the startups improve their pitch deck, pitch in front of the experts and hear an immediate feedback. Back to work! They reviewed their presentations separately and had a second go. Boy, had those pitches improved! The tailormade workshop, 1:1 feedback and direct support for the startuppers really paid off. What a fantastic day for all of us!

And here some workshop tips: 

  • Know your audience, who are you actually talking to? What are they looking for?
  • Does your mom understand what you are doing? Keep your pitch simple.
  • What problem are you solving? Start with that and tell a story.
  • Be bold, honest, confident and assertive, - no ‘maybes’, ‘hopefully’s’ or ‘try to’s’! 
  • Call to action: what do you want? Why are you pitching and what can the audience do for you? 
  • Practice, practice, practice! When pitching alone, record yourself to see how your presence is.

It’s so rewarding for me to see how they take it all in, grow and enjoy the exchange with one another. They walk away with plenty of ideas on how to pitch even better next time. And best of all, they are all excited to get exposure and have the opportunity of pitching perfectly at the SOM.

Want to hear more? Find out in the video what their key takeaways are. 

Digital Hugs,