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WHAT: FindYourWay Coaching

WHO: Alessandra Patti

LINK: FindYourWay Coaching

Hello Digitals

In October, my favorite season starts. Leaves are beginning to drop like the temperature or the daylight, it’s official: another transformed world is upon us.

The word "transformation" is a good hint to describe our Start up of the month in October. FindYourWay Coaching is a Zurich based startup managed by founder Alessandra Patti. She focuses on keeping the business simple & straight forward. Just makes it sooo much easier to be in contact with clients and partners – anywhere in the world.

Beside practical administration tools for the daily work, Alessandra introduces a valuable coaching approach to express your needs, called "the language transformation technique". She explains, in a very humble and authentic way, how easy it can be to say "no" – elegantly and truthfully. “The more honest you are, the better you will speak up and be more genuine. People will never think you are using an excuse”.

Get the full startup spirit from a vibrant and trustful coach – in this video!

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