“BYE, 2018”: some of my favorite event impressions.


Thank you, 2018 – you were sooo awesome! What a year, meeting with exceptional startups, at fascinating events all over Europe.

Be it at my own pitch training, at the “#MadTech #Startup Pitch Event”, my lab experiment with the #UZH, my #pitch #speech event, the #swisscom startup challenge, #Swissdigitalday or the #Kickstart #Accelerator adventure with my “Nina of tomorrow” – this year can be easily added to my all-time favorites concerning displays of future entrepreneurial power.

With all that positive energy, great new friends, sparkling ideas and headspinning progress with my experts and bot, I feel like a totally new person at the end of this year.

THANK YOU ALL, for making this marvelous year happen like it did - I know, we will all profit from this huge progress.

Let’s make 2019 one more milestone towards a bright future: we just have to gather together! ;-)

Loads of love and – as always – a great bunch of

Digital hugs,
your startup fan and buddy