HelloNina @Jungunternehmerforum Frauenfeld

WHAT: Jungunternehmerforum in Frauenfeld TG

WHO: Young entrepreneurs

LINK: www.jungunternehmerforum.ch


Hello Digitals,

over magnificent fields at an average of 50km/h – into the "Thurgau Apfelkönigland" ("apple king land"). With shining eyes, I entered the beautiful house - the stately Frauenfelder Rathaus. The perfect organization, the presentation and reception of the 12th Young Entrepreneurs Forum immediately made me think: HelloNina, welcome to real professionals. Pure business "Knigge".  - I loved it.

So far, so good. After an hour I was very happy, I had my "Schöggeli", notebook, camera, microphone and lots of colored stickers. Thanks to my design skills, I had fun with the consultants,organizers and managers in their dark suits. So my yellow and pink glitter stickers "I LOVE STARTUPS, NINA HELP & NINA WAS THERE" soon were to be seen all over the room. You can hardly imagine that? Here – some selfies on my Facebook wall.

I went home happy and said to myself: "There should have been more young people!" Check out the video to see who else was there and shared their knowledge. Have fun!

Digital Hugs,