Challenges Startups are confronted with daily - HelloNina Start up of the Month Live interview with Herr Vegara

WHAT: Herr Vegara

WHO: Remo Tschan Scholz, Founder & CEO

LINK: Herr Vegara

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WHAT A POSITIVE MIND:  I had the pleasure to interview Remo Taschan Scholz, founder of "Herr Vegara" - they are my "Startup of the Month"! Herr Vegara offers vegan products, all handmade and organic – sooo yummy. Remo joins me at Kraftwerk Café, the perfect spot for our mellow talk.

Why the name "Herr Vegara", you ask?

Well, the company logo visualizes a cute parrot. He made it out of his cage in Havanna, to discover the natural tastes of the great wide world, and to roam free.

No fears and only positive vibes – that's what Remo amazes me with. Nowadays, his creations are available nationally, in Swiss retail stores and through various online shops. “A big step is made; more products are waiting in the pipeline” Remo reveals. The next stage is the launch of an original vegan “Griessköpfli” (Semolina cream).

In my interview, you learn about how his first product launch failed, and how Remo creates valuable contacts. I'll tell you this much: it got to do with volunteers and precious networking with partners and friends, to move on with little marketing costs. A further adventure in his pipeline is to improve social media awareness, maybe even a cooperation with food bloggers, to promote his brand.

Remo is a playful soul! I feel plenty of his passion during our discussion. He loves to reward our community and brings some gadgets in his colorful box. Want to win one of his prizes? On this youtube link, I'll show you how you can try your luck!

Want to find out more about where the parrot wings took "Herr Vegara", businesswise? Watch the video, feel Remo’s genuine entrepreneur vibes and don’t miss out on the taste of their exquisite salad dressing. I tell you - soooo tasty!

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