One, two, three stunning but freezing startups

WHAT: F10 Fine Tech Accelerator Demo day


LINK: APPETITA / ThinkYellow / LINGS / F10 Fintech

Hello Digitals,

A COLD DAY IS HEATING UP: In the middle of perfect pitching, three F10 FineTech startups sat down in front of my camera, to chat out of the box. As you can guess, to them, being interviewed in the fresh air right next to the river was a welcome diversion from the competition. 

And, luckily, I picked up the most proficient startuppers for you folks. So thrilling! We have: 

Kendall Anderson; Marketing Consultant and Community Manager at APPETITA, who knows much about constructive communication within the team.

Roger Schüeber, CMO and Co-Founder at LINGS, brought a truth serum: He worked as a product manager and told me about big mistakes many startups make - like not talking to their customers, for instance.

Last but not least: Karina Storinggaard, Co-Founder of ThinkYellow. Her startup vision is of a world in which there are equal opportunities for all, irrespective of gender. She especially likes the flexibility and ability she has as an entrepreneur, to build what she really believes in. 
What all these great entrepreneurs have to say about business administration, customer needs and missed tips? Check out the video, and find out. ;-)                                     

Digital Hugs,