CVCube AG, Co-Founders, Pascal Rüeger and Beat Schlumpf


WHO: Pascal Rüeger, Beat Schlumpf


Hello Digitals,

wow, this startup is really crazy! I was a coworker at CVCube in Zurich in December already to see what happens with them in the startup, everyday. I was pretty baffled! Sure thing, there had to be an interview.

Two months later it was time to catch up again. The founder duo Pascal Rüeger and Beat Schlumpf told me about their Pains & Gains – honestly. You should not miss this! CVCube is a service platform for further education. They claim to find appropriate training for everyone.

Since both had their own company, it was obvious for them to finance their project, at least initially. But within a short time, they were in the midst of the accounting and administrative mess.

CVCubes greatest learning:

Establish a company from the beginning, so that the company can appear as a separate legal construct.
Also, the two have shared a lot of knowledgeable experiences with me.

My top 3 I'll list for you here:

  1. An investor search is not easy. The process goes on for months and often it takes a bit of luck.
  2. Do you have an idea? Then don't take too long twisting it around. Go to the market and get direct feedback.
  3. The online tool Trello is a real winner. CVCube swears by it because it allows users to allocate resources optimally and purposefully.

CVCube has just finished the first round of financing and now it's about to get started. Good luck, guys!

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Digital Hugs,