Fabian Bollhalder, LEXX App

WHAT: Lexx App

WHO: Fabian Bollhalder

LINK: www.lexx-app.com

Lexx App

Hello Digitals,

…..and: "Hello Lexx, it’s nice to meet you – my name is Nina."

I am interviewing Fabian Bollhalder, one of the minds behind Lexx.
Fabian quickly reads me and gets it. Nina wants to dig right in and hear what Lexx is all about.  
Fabian is an easy-going and helpful guy so clearly these traits are also center to the design of Lexx-App.

Lexx makes it easy for you to get the legal support you need in a simple, clear, and transparent manner. That’s Lexx’s magic formula. The first step to navigating the jungle of legal issues is to ask a question for Lexx’s free messaging platform. Lexx will answer and, if need be, connect you with a appropriate attorney. 

Watch my new video to learn more about Lexx and their future plans.
Fabian also shares an awesome special tip for you startup lovers and supporters. Check it out!

Digital Hugs,