IBM Watson, Blue Spark Client Engineer, Reece Medway

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Hello Digitals, 

Yeeeah – I'm going to be a chatbot. For this very reason I had the video interview with Paul Chong a few weeks ago, who is vice president of IBM Watson. What I didn't tell you guys back then was: There is more "hot stuff". Oh yes! Not only was I allowed to meet the vice president, but also had the chance to look behind the scenes of the IBM design studio. 

There, I met “Blue Spark Client Engineer” Reece Medway, with my cam and mic. Reece is a service specialist, who focuses on Watson conversation and helps customers form a cognitive system with the bot. Btw, IBM Design Studio works in Scrum teams – and the project has been divided into 26 APIs.

Chatbots, according to Reece, are ten-a-penny: "There's a hell of a lot bots out there. There's around 80,000 on Messenger. But some of them are not as good as others. I would really say: "Focus on the personality and make something that's really useful." Absolutely thrilling, this topic, imho. In answer to my question about how I can generate the best bot, Reece also has a great tip for me: “The best advice that I can give is to create a best bot for the future, would be to really focus on delivering quality.” 

I'm also still extremely interested in one thing: Will the chatbots take away jobs in the future? No! Reece calmed me down with his answer immediately: "I tend to take the approach that bots are really going to augment jobs. So, they're going to help people do their job better." Well, it sounds great - I want to be a chatbot. :)

What job opportunities will emerge in the future and how a chatbot will be created, you'll see, of course, in the video. 

So, let's run the video – and “chatbots to power”! 

Digital hugs, Nina