Christian Klinner, success in 100 days

WHAT: Ron Orp GmbH

WHO: Christian Klinner, Founder of Ron Orp


Hello Digital Urbans,

I confirmed by chat the day before, whether the date really works and also confirmed the street, St. Jakobstrasse 54, 8004 Zurich. "Everything easy, in the courtyard, until then," was the last choppy sentence. In the middle of Harley-Daddy's Paradise, a courtyard with loads of beautiful motorbikes. But where is the entrance? No stress: Christian was standing there, in a red woolen cap. Behind this tin box, he said, is the entrance. Welcome to Ron Orp.

The inspiration and result of networking of urban residents - Ron Orp has set the standard. This didn't a business plan, according to Christian's vision, merely a newsletter. Eagerly, we exchanged about the many advantages as a startup. Ron Orps way of success? Start small, and watch what works and what does not. That speaks loudly to me – how I would like Ron Orp as a partner.

But I quickly realized that there is still a lot of paperwork to be done, every day. Digitization - there is even more. Freelancers and the entire administration around the world have not let us go. Since you can really lose your head over it. My experiences and tips to the topic, you find right here on my page, under "My first freelancer".

And if you want to know what Ron Orp has in common with Mark Zuckerberg, then you can go right into the whole interview. Have fun!

Digital Hugs,