WHAT: Meaningful Career Event @ Impact Hub

WHO: Entrepreneurs

LINK: zurich.impacthub.ch

My visit to the Meaningful Career Event at Impact Hub, Zurich.

Let's talk about work-live-balance: So many people I know identify themselves to a huge part over their job. This is great - as long as the profession returns this love, and makes sense for you.

The Meaningful Career Event is centered around these central questions: Where am I in my job? What makes my career sustainable, on relevant topics and my own well-being? Should one follow their heart and quit? And if so, how to give life to ones own business idea?

More than 80 people carry their heart, experience and intellect to the Impact Hub in Zurich, and I have been very enthusiastic. The four invited speakers bring in their own exciting perspectives every 10 minutes - in the ensuing discussions and networking, we exchange many personal views and fears, openly and productively.

The four thought-provoking ideas of the speakers revolve around clearly separable areas of the so-called "social entrepreneurship":

  1. The supporter provides workshops and tools for developing your idea
  2. The social entrepreneur is responsible for social projects
  3. The social entrepreneur is a large company that promotes social projects
  4. Enabler provides a networking and knowledge platform

This Meaningful Career Event gives the single areas a perfect overview. For example, the supporter Joanna Hafenmeyer. With MyImpact GmbH, she gives advice to people who want to reorient their careers or start a social business. Joanna is a specialist when it comes to business models or the highlighting of her own strengths. 28 expectant pairs of eyes hang on Joanna's lips in the crowded viaduct. Exciting: Not only the expected newbies are sitting here, but mostly mid-30 professionals, who are looking for new meaning, despite professional success.

They ask themselves the same question: How can I do something that gives meaning? How can I put my energy into something sustainable, socially, ethically correct - and still earn money?

Niels Rot from Impact Hub spends the evening motivating his guests to start their own business. He says that this is simply the best schooling that exists. And then, he reports about his new UnSchool for Social Entrepreneurship.

To just try it is the best schooling, but that does not mean that one can not be taken by the hand. At Niels' Stride School you can learn everything about Social Entrepreneurship within 10 months. In the end, you certainly have an MBA in your pocket - and, in the best case, even your own startup up and running.

In the subsequent networking I meet Anna. She has just given up her secure job as a strategic consultant. From the event, she hopes to gain inspiration for her further path - and actively uses the opportunity to meet people who are in a similar situation.

Some are ten steps further and may give their advice, for others it is the source of inspiration, she tells me. Here, she knew she was not alone with her concerns and doubts about her future career.

A few steps further, I literally stumble over Alex. He recently moved from France to Zurich, to build his startup in Switzerland: The Food Assembly, a pop-up market network for organic farmers. Of course, I immediately asked him for an interview - you will soon see the result.

When I finally go home, I feel a whole lot more clever. And I'm glad I love my job so much. Wailing and doubting would be nothing for me.