“Leave the perfectionism behind, like no matter how crappy it is at the beginning”

WHAT: Jamie & I

WHO: Antonia Bolla, Co-Founder

LINK: Jamie & I

Hello Digitals, 

What Antonia Bolla didn’t know when we met for the interview: I kind of struggled with my MVP these days. I wanted to put all in and have a super-machine to go online, but It was not perfect enough in my eyes. “If you’re not embarrassed by your first prototype you’re too late.” THX Antonia, you really pushed me to go live sooner. 

Let’s have a closer look at Antonias business idea: Jamie is like spotify for your perfect outfit mix. “She is an Artificial Intelligence-driven virtual stylist that learns about your personal style to kickass your personality.”, to use Antonia’s words. The idea came to Antonia when sitting on the boat close to the New York coast. While she was listening to her perfectly matching spotify playlist, she thought how cool would it be to have something similar for her outfits. Together with her sister, Lidia Bolla, she took the leap and became self-employed. 

To give the business a good boost, they were part at the Kickstart Accelerator 2017. 

I was deeply impressed by Antonia’s natural energy and passion. Her biggest challenge is the duality of working on both sides of the marketplace. 

Want to find out more about Antonia and her business? Watch the video to find out.

Digital Hugs,