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My top 10 startups

Alver Golden Chlorella

GET <3 IN YOUR TUMMY: Alver aims to improve consumers’ health as well as our environment by offering foods that are healthy, tasty and sustainable – containing plant protein and the micro-algae Golden Chlorella®.


YEAH - YOUR KNOW-HOW OF THE FUTURE AWAITS: They teach programming by creating intelligent environments, using IoT sensors


THIS WILL BE A HIT: Mobile-first platform to enable learning and simple authoring on-the-go – anytime, anywhere. It's mobile, participatory, personalized, group-based learning for a lasting impact.


THIS TIME, IT'S TRUELY PERSONAL: Their vision is to lead the digital transformation, by shaping the IoT future towards a connected and intelligent world.


HEY THERE, HOT STUFF: LuckaBox is a cloud-based platform for warehousing, to provide retailers with what their customers increasingly want: on-demand deliveries.


FOR A BETTER FUTURE: Mondays is a femtech subscription brand that delivers personalised sustainable period products conveniently to the door.


LEAN BUSINESS STRUCTURES: They help businesses to digitize non-proprietary Ricardian (human- and machine readable) contracts, and provide a blockchain-based platform to enable distribution, querying, and automation.


MAKES THE MONEY WORLD GO ROUND: ResonanceX is a multi-issuer digital platform, using technology to transform and optimise ways to create, distribute and use structured investments.

Sharing Academy

BUILD THE BRANIACS OF TOMORROW: This is a fascinating peer-tutoring marketplace


GIVE THEM A HEAD START: Teachy help pupils and apprentices to achieve much more in school, by offering them a more modern 1-on-1 personal tutor training.