Stunning startups on a pitching day

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator final day

WHO: Havell Rodriguez / Alison Eujin Shim / Naomi MacKenzie / Thomas Bibette / Alessandro Grampa

LINK: Kickstart Accelerator

Hello Digitals,

When I hit the door of the KRAFTWERK host, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of a final day. In all corners of the heavy containers, busy startup teams sat in front of their presentations or had an important talk to some investors. Can you imagine how nervous they all were? 

I took my chance and asked six startups for an interview. And I can tell you: It was absolutely marvelous. I feel so honored these impressive entrepreneurs had time for a chat and I could collect so many good tips for you. It's just - wow! Amazing.

Alison Eujin Shim, head of strategy for the Startup Blocko, didn't only wear the most fancy shoes of the evening, but also told me about the big impact Kickstart Accelerator had on her startup. 

Havell Rodriguez, CEO/Co-Founder of Adjoint Inc, spoke honestly about the challenges every startup faces. Pow - what a truth serum!

Naomi MacKenzie, Co-Founder of KITRO, got a great deal during the kickstart program: Coop will test KITRO`s solution to prevent food waste at several coop restaurants within the next year. Congrats!
Gerald Perry Marin, Cmo of FoPo does not only have the best name on Instagram (sexyfoodchemist), but he also was part of the Kickstart Accelerator 2016 and won 2nd place. 

Thomas Bibette, export manager at DCBrain, works remotely with his team from all over the world. He gave me my favourite tip for starting a business of the whole event. Thanks so much, buddy!

Alessandro Grampa, Co-Founder and CMO at HexargoUrbanFarming, can look forward to his startup's future: The Raiffeisen Bank has acquired their Living Farming tree. What a success story.       
What all these great entrepreneurs have to say about challenges, startup tips and the importance of networking? Check out the video, and you'll find out.                                  

Digital Hugs,