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WHAT: TechFace

​​​​WHO: Priska Burkard

LINK: Tech Face

My "STARTUP OF THE MONTH" Techface.ch brings a more personal feel to recruiting –  by connecting tech candidates with open-minded companies. So very handy!

How much do you know about up-to-date ways of finding a new job, or recruiting perfect matches? Well, my start up of the month called Techface.ch is setting utterly new standards. You may ask yourself, how?

Co-founder Priska Burkard (who is also founder of Skills Finder), and her team connect like-minded people at their events. Community recruiting is the new way to go!

Looking for a job must not necessarily start with a starchy face-to-face interview, where candidates and companies feel forced to show only their “best sides”. Meeting at events breaks the ice easily, the atmosphere is more laid back, and the uniqueness of every personality is celebrated. Tips and tricks of the branch can be discussed at these events – and it lets you see the next step for your career far better.

And btw, yes, you need the know-how these events offer: coding, for example, should be learned like a new language. But don’t be scared, if this has always been a topic that caught you, go for it. The market is actively looking for female tech specialists!

I hope I made you eager to know more about Techface.ch and their colorful way of recruiting professionals in the tech market! Find more insights Priska shared with me – here in the video.


Christmas is near – and I have a gift for you!

Take the chance to get a 20-30 minute free coaching call from a Techface.ch coach and find out where your career is standing or what to do next.

What you need to do? Simple: Go to their website and register as a candidate!

Digital x-mas hugs,