WHAT: UZH Marketing & Market Research

WHO: Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer 


Hello Digitals,

I am kind of in marketing heaven at the moment: The University of Zurich marketing department chose HelloNina to be the current "experiment assignment" for their students! 
All this brain power of the future – directed at the usability and content of my new page I am so very thrilled about this "work in progress", I can't even tell you how much!  

On May 30th, all the students will present the – surely awesome – results of their "lab labor", in front of myself and BDO, with their head of marketing & communications Angela Lutein and CEO Werner Schiesser. 

At the moment, they are in the middle of the process to figure out the best way to convey information on my page – as well as my main USP: personal, up close support for you, my dearest startups. And you will see: their highly energized efforts will sure pay off, for all of us!  

In this video, you will witness some short impressions of the "UX Design Workshop", filmed on May 2nd. I am pretty sure this will show you what makes me shiver with anticipation. Enjoy this joyful preview of things to come!

Digital Hug,

Moderation, Angela Zellweger, CEO HelloNina AG