"We have a very special community in Tel Aviv"

WHAT: Fiverr

WHO: Vered Raviv Schwarz, COO

LINK: Fiverr

Hello Digitals, 

ENTER STARTUP PARADISE: nowhere on earth you'll find more young companies per capita than in Tel Aviv. 
Vered Raviv-Schwarz is one of the leading figures there – and, boy, was I thrilled to meet her! She is not only COO of Fiverr, but served in high level positions at Radware, Mediamind an Kenshoo, as well. Oh, and before, she's been a lawyer specializing in corporate law, M&As and IPOs. Definitely someone I just had to talk to! 
Sadly, it was noisy with unflattering lighting at the first Win Sumit in Zurich, and so we had to shoot the video twice, within a short timeframe – no problem for spontaneous and energetic Vered.

And so, I got to pose the questions I wondered about for quite some time: 
"Why is Tel Aviv so attractive for founders? How can the Mediterranean metropolis draw from such a huge pool of tech talent?"

Find out in the video, where Vered Raviv-Schwarz also talks openly about pains and political challenges.
Still - my dream to visit this buzzing city myself has never been clearer. What a great place to be!

THX & see you soon in Tel Aviv, Vered!

Digital hugs,