Matt Schaffnit from Lenditapp @Impact Hub Bern

WHAT: Lenditapp

WHO: Matt Schaffnit, COO Lenditapp


Hello Digitals,

I met up recently with Lenditapp COO Matt Schaffnit, the current Kickstart Accelerator Fintech winner, at the opening of the Impact Hub in Bern.

Lenditapp has digitized the loan application process, developed technology that uses machine learning to reduce the borrower risk and created a standardized loan product technology to cater to market needs.

After a couple of drinks, we got talking about my favorite topic - business administration and all related burdens young businesses have to put up with. As the COO of an international startup, he’s unsurprisingly familiar with a range of bureaucratic requirements, in particular the added complications associated with trans-Atlantic operations (Lenditapp is currently in operation in the US, the UK and Switzerland). He then shared with us his favorite go-to tools to help cut through the red tape more efficiently!

We also learn his favorite startup has something to do with insects!
Curious? Press play!

Digital Hugs,