David Kosky talks about Work.Life

WHAT: Coworking space Work.Life

WHO: David Kosky

LINK: work.life

Hello Digitals,

How exciting! I was able to marvel at the "siblings in spirit" project at the Swiss VillageOffice in London - coworking spaces "the British way". Even the Co-founder's first name is the same as VillageOffice: David. 

David's company Work.Life shows in a compelling way co working is a welcoming place for the creative digital nomads, while at the same time being important for "work where you live". If you have professional co working nearby, you do not  have a long commute to the workplace, but you simply pop into the next coworking space. It's inspiring. 

David took the time to give me valuable new insights into the overall business structure and the benefits of coworking spaces: What is generally the best distribution of skills among business partners? What's behind his invention "flex", the co working synthesis from "UBER" and "Oyster-Card"? How does the cooperation with Verizon work? What exactly is offered in the soon-to-be nine co working spaces opened by Work.Life? You can find answers to these and other exciting questions in the video! 

I wish you a lot of fun while watching - and valuable imputs!

Digital Hugs,