LoyaltyCoin wins my video interview - and my heart with their cool point collection system for smartphones.

WHAT: Loyaltycoin

WHO: Thomas Göetschmann, Founder & CEO

LINK: Loyaltycoin

Hello Digital

Get your extra points here: My new “Nino” Alain met Thomas Goetschmann, Founder of LoyaltyCoin at the Colab in Zurich.

This is the place to get a look at how LoyaltyCoin uses the blockchain and several state-of-the-art technologies, to bring the point collection programmes of several businesses right to your smartphone. Awesome!

In this short but thrilling video, Thomas puts us on a fascinating journey through his firm and its backstory.

You will find out how he managed to do most of the financial stuff himself, and why their particular idea found six founders for 2018, alone… Definitely one of the most intriguing insights I had in a while.

And the best thing - you don’t have to take my word for it. ;-) Just click, watch - and, probably , like me - learn!

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