Luckabox: My interview with the delivery innovators.

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator 2018

WHO: Aike Festini and Maite Mihn

LINK: LuckaBox

GOING THE EXTRA MILE: The story of the two founders of LuckaBox, Aike and Maite, fascinated me deeply. The are well on their way of revolutionizing the delivery business -by localizing it!

Their success proves that perseverance, critical reflection and adaptation of the business model lead to the goal. First, they wanted to solve the issue of delivering parcels of online auction platforms, but found that it did not provide a stable business model.

Now, they are taking care of the last mile in logistics, which is still an unsolved problem. With LuckaBox they connect dealers, customers, couriers and independent shipping service providers on a clearly structured platform.

In the interview I shot at Kickstart Accelerator 2018, the pure joy with which the two founders lead their flexible startup is clearly noticeable. The ability to make a difference, even if it is a constant process of success and failure, gives both of them the energy they need to keep going. I admire that like crazy!

Be it starting up, financing or building the team: Aike and Maite have benefited greatly from their mentors and encourage everyone to do so, right away.
Their call to new startups is clear: do it, test it, without restraint. But now: Check out the video – and get an impression of their great vision!

Digital hugs,