My very first Pitch Event

WHAT: Pitch Event

WHO & LINK: Antonia Bolla Jamie & I | Agustin Musi Flyerbee | David Dal Busco Fluster | Laura Rutishauser Zircel | David Brunnschweiler Frontpage Ping | Dariush Daftarian Senozon

Hello Digitals,

My very first pitch event is at the Zurich Swiss Online and Marketing Conference. Although I arrive well in advance, I am greeted by our excited startuppers eager to pitch. We get on stage and get going – well, as soon as we’ve overcome microphone and streaming technical problems! Ready? Set? Yeah, let’s go!

Up first Antonia, from Jamie & I, pitches her online personal stylist. Next David, Fluster Founder demonstrates how his housemate app connects people. Dariush follows from the relatively established Senozon and shows how they help place ads to better reach target markets. David and Simon pitch Frontpageping, their word of mouth marketing startup. Our youngest entrepreneur, Laura from Zircel pitches her conversational websites vision. And last but not least, Agustin from Flyerbee gets people to engage with ads more easily.

Phew, what a round! And what a change since my training with them last week - their pitches and slide decks have clearly improved. I’m absolutely delighted and impressed to see them perform at their best.

I have a fantastic jury of three. Andreas Widmer, Westhive Founder of the newest coworking space in Zurich, Tarkan Özküp Head of Marketing Credit Suisse (Switzerland) AG and Marek Franke, Head of Global M&A BDO AG. These guys ask the contestants some great questions and take a good, hard look at them. I don’t want to be in their shoes right now to choose only two- it’s a really tough decision. Finally, they take Senozon and Fluster into the second round. Well done, entrepreneurs!

After a deep dive from David (Fluster) and Dariush (Senozon), the jury elects Senozon as their winning startup. Why? Hit play and find out in my video.

And the winner is: Senozon

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Digital Hugs,