"The beauty of having a startup at this age is that you have experience and a bit of patience."

WHAT: Mia Lou

WHO: Maria Luisa Fuchs, Founder & CEO

LINK: Mia Lou

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COLOURFUL WOMAN SELLING HAIR COLOURS: A human burst of energy walks towards me at the BlueLion Incubator in Zurich! I’m meeting Maria Luisa Fuchs, founder & CEO of Mia Lou AG. A big smile enters her face when she talks about her business, ideas and future plans. Everything is already set up for my live interview with her, so let’s get started. Lights, camera, action:

“My whole heart is in it.” Maria Luisa goes nap with her business idea. The brand and product she has been building up for the past year is 100% Maria Luisa aka Mia Lou. When asked about her alternatives, she says instantly: “There is no plan B, because it is going to work. The beauty of having a startup at this age is that you have experience and a bit of patience. Of course, having an exit plan is a must”, she adds. She has made a 3-year-plan, wants to continue growing organically and is looking for partners who might want to join forces to grow the product line.

Maria Luisa founded her company one year ago. In a collaboration she has developed and produced her own hair colouring and hair care products which she ships in Switzerland and abroad. Customers order once or subscribe to an abo, get a consultation online on her website, via e-mail or Skype. The end result is a box, a tool kit so to say, with everything you need to dye your hair with. Maria Luisa loves the relationship she’s building with her customer base. And wow, does she care big time that each and everyone gets exactly what they need for their perfect hair.

Watch and see more about Mia Lou's three-year plan, how she’s handling social media and where she gets her content from.

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