Mike Schwede PART 1

WHAT: Social Media Strategist, Entrepreneur & Speaker

WHO: Mike Schwede

LINK: mike.schwede.ch

Hello Digitals,

Are you active in social media? Then, you will have heard about Mike at some point. With his digitized attitude and his powerful, concise opinions, he encourages users to think and above all: start discussions and stimulating conversations. Mike already had started his first startup when he was 21. . So, our startup buddy knows his stuff when it comes to entrepreneurship.

In the interview, he speaks openly about his learnings and what would make his life easier.

Mike's Tips:

  • Believe in yourself, your idea and your abilities. Do not let anyone take away your courage.
  • Business plans are already outdated as soon as they are written. Give up unnecessary time-consumers  and start early with prototypes.
  • You do not have to do everything yourself. Put your focus on solving the problem first.

You want to bag more of Mike's know-how? Here's Part 1 of the interview with a lot of "just pull through" and insider knowledge. Do not miss part 2 next week.

Digital Hugs,