Period products – by women, for women.

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator 2018

WHO: Elisabeth Lützow Dewey

LINK: Mondays

WHAT A GREAT IDEA: Elisabeth Lützow Dewey, co-founder of Mondays tackles a big pollution problem. Her company sends plastic-free period products right to your doorstep – free of delivery charge, by subscription.

The deciding impulse for her highly adaptable and sustainable solution began with her friend and other founder Nancy. She asked herself while seeing her husbands shaving product subscription, why this kind of comfort should be reserved for men alone. Women’s empowerment - I love it! :-)

When interviewing Elisabeth at Kickstart Accelerator 2018 in the beautiful Kraftwerk in Zurich. I was hugely impressed by her personal history: Coming from numbers-driven investment banking, she decided to make a truly priceless difference –  by producing practical menstruation solutions made of sustainable cotton. What a remarkable change of focus - to the benefit of us all!In this interview, Elisabeth tells us about her company, gives some pretty awesome startup insight about crucial stuff like expanding your firm, and her personal take as a fempreneur on Kickstart Accelerator and its advantages.

Find out more about this fascinating business concept – in the video!


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