Mike Schwede's fast answers

WHAT: "Play zick zack with me"

WHO: Mike Schwede

LINK: http://mike.schwede.ch/

Hello Digitals,

like almost all digital natives, I also love a bit of playfulness. "Let's play a game," I say to Mike. "I'll give you a cue, and you give me your gut reaction!." I'm already looking forward to the spontaneous fatigue from such a powerful brain. He hits play, and - GO!

"Startup!" "Selfie!" "Sickness!" "Monkey!" It's going to blow. Within one and a half minutes I get an untroubled honest insight into Mike's world of thoughts. For example, I'm not very happy about what's going to happen to him on the subject of human resources.

Which keyword makes Mike laugh the most? Check out the video and you'll find out.

Digital Hugs,