Guess who wins!

WHAT: ipt Hackathon

WHO: Team: HelloNina:Help!


What? What? What? Shall we just get started here? At first everybody talks, nobody understands the other - neither what they are saying nor in terms of content. Everyone at the table is doing it for the first time. My first bot. 3 hours later: For the acoustic understanding, I immediately set up a sack, a two write the contents, the others program. Good - now we are in the flow.

One writes the dialogue, others are still coding, yet another designes and the rest makes the difference: they are controlling and trying frantically (yes, frantically) to bring emotionality into the bot.

#Theuserisfrustrated? HelloNina: Help! “Easy, I help you”. “No, worries, I know how I can help you further”. “We are going to make it”.

#Userishappy? “Hey, you winners. It’ll be fine. “” Look, take the draft contract, then you’re on the safe side. ”

The user is sad and desperate? “Lay the right hand over the right shoulder. What is that? Well, BIG digital hug of mine! You are a hero, and we need you here! <3”

#Stillunhappy?  Well. My bot knows about administration but also how to get happy in life. Here my short introduction: Do you have sand under your feet? Do you have sun in your face? Do you see the sea?  No? Listen.

There were three prizes to win:

Economy, coolness and usefulness.

I’ve been working on usefulness. Until the last minute, people coded, wrote and practiced the pitch. Until at the end, it came to the rank announcement.

And the usefulness price goes to: HelloNina: Help!

THX & Digital Hugs <3