Success needs solid tools: here I show you how to develop and adapt tools to your own process. Without giving key consideration to these issues, you have problems later on. Check out my tips regarding contact management, order processing, purchasing, warehouse and accounting.

1. Which software for which tasks?

Contact management, order processing, purchasing, warehouse and accounting: the top solutions combine all this in one program.

Projects can be controlled, working times recorded and a final invoice can be exported - all with just one click. In addition, the receipt and exit of payments should work smoothly. This works perfectly, for example, if the program is directly connected to the bank. If then a payroll accounting can be attached, that's perfect - you are ready for the next growth step.

2. In the cloud towards job heaven

Today we know that flexibility is everything. The laptop as a mobile workstation makes it possible. It is therefore all the more important that a business software is not localized and only works in its own office, but can be accessed from anywhere in a cloud solution. This saves you installation and backup time - plus, you have the highest data security.

3. The ABC of software tasks

In a good system not only invoices but also offers can be developed. There, you can also define your own corporate identity (eg logo, inscriptions and so on). From the project-based time recording, finished work can easily be transferred
to the invoice and forwarded to your customers. What's nice as well: The dispatch of the invoices runs electronically and thus cost-effectively - without any expression and letter postage. It's a little like magic, the invoice is already recorded in the bookkeeping system, and is kept there as an open item.

4. E-Banking and trustees

This became really easy: Today, it is enough to record payment orders in their own system - only the release remains with the e-banking company, for legal reasons.

When payment is made, receivables and credit notes are automatically reconciled in good systems - even without ESR payment notes.

"Trustee" is not only a nice word, but also a good thing: they help with complex topics and you can give them direct online access. For example, to take a look at the multi-tax settlement before it goes to tax management.

5. Personal contact is everything

One of the central tasks of your company is sending out personalized emails or newsletters. There, the business software should provide support and give the mailing software direct access to the contact data.

It is also important to stay up-to-date on the road. Last but not least, a mobile app can support the acquisition of relevant data. It also provides good services if you can not access all desktop features.

6. Tip at the end: Ask the pro

In order for the administration to run really smoothly, it is recommended to have a qualified expert advising during setup. This saves you some trouble at the beginning and you get more power for the implementation of your idea. And now: Rock 'n Roll! ;-) I wish you tons of success.