“Woah, yes, the community is a key topic, everyone knows that. The field is fascinating - and also essential for brand building, of course. But beware: You have to be very flexible and convince people in ever new ways. Here, I have put together the best tips for you."

1. Finetune your social media channels

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube and now also Snapchat - I know, the selection in social media playgrounds seems overwhelming. But keep in mind: where you tend to gravitate will probably also be where your users do. Time to boost our channels.

To share content fast and easy, you have to keep the reins tight. (pic: pixabay)

2. First topic "Capital": What does it cost me?

At the beginning, your community will cost you almost nothing - except time. And this is possibly the nastiest thing. 24h are already an eternity in the social media world. Users expect fast, crisp responses. To disappear for a week from the medial screen is an absolute no-go. Keep an agenda: Check your social media channels every 3 hours, for example, and keep your followers regularly updated with new, varied content. Continuity is worth it. For example, I use 1h per day per channel. 

3. Audience and community - learn the difference!

The first, most important question is, in which role your users are. Is it an audience (one-way communication - website, email, newsletter) or is it a proper community (two-way communication - social media, blogs, live chat). Learn early to distinguish between these basic approaches and formulate accordingly.

Which way do you communicate? (pic: pixabay)

4. Okay - and how do I build the community exactly?

Here are my 10 tips for a good performance:

  • Do not rush: First, put your energy into promising platforms. Where are they
    already talking about your startup? That's where you should set up.

  • "What" suggests "how": In the beginning, content is content, and it better be good -
    instructive, inspiring and/or entertaining. Try to be different. So your content stands
    out in the mass.
  • Get to know your followers: Take the time to meet needs and suggestions.
    Insider tip: You'll be amazed at how many people follow you, just because you
    ask them nicely.
  • Stay simple: Clear and simple structured content will be shared much more often.
  • Quality before quantity: Five active members who deal with your content are
    better than 20 passive ones.
  • Do networking: Just because you have followers on Twitter, you do not have a
    community. It is important that you also link these to one another. Your community
    should be self-sustained.
  • Patience: A strong community does not emerge overnight. Initially, individual likes
    and retweets are still milestones, conversations partly forced. But piece by piece,
    followers for followers will produce a natural flow. Keep going.
  • Use your freedom: A startup has a decisive advantage - there is no better moment to
    try new things. Even shitstorms bring traffic.
  • Branding: Build a name. Develop your own style, your own voice and above
    all: have fun.
  • Continuity: This might be the most important one. Be consistently active. A lively
    community attracts new users. Always reinvent yourself.

5. My Nina Special Trends - our secret knowledge :-)

The hype of tomorrow: live videos. Be it via Snapchat, Facebook Live or Periscope: today, stories and live events are what counts. Expiring content is a big secret. Snapchat shows how and Instagram follows. The way out of the content flood.

Facebook is and remains dominant in the social media sector, a change is not foreseeable. While Linkedin dominates B2B, Facebook is still a leader in B2C.

It's all about the tech: Chatbots ensure a whole new consumer expectation. They simulate a smart conversation without anyone having to use the chat. For example, it does simple customer service.

Despite social media: Create an email list and reach your community directly without a Facebook algorithm which filters your updates. I wish you all the best - knock 'em dead!

Range on fleek: Live interviews on Facebook. (startup: loquilove.com)