"Pitching is kind of like a Tinder date – only one thing is important: HOT OR NOT? To win over the hearts of investors and audience, you have to pay attention to a few important things. Here you'll find out how to convince the audience in seven steps. If you are looking for more info, subscribe now – or chat with me and look at my checklist for your startup pitch. Good luck!"

1. Homework, Homework, Homework

Try to understand your audience and do some research on them. I'm sure you will find a lot of information on LinkedIn or Facebook. Always a good tip: find common interests - it will give you confidence and pull in your audience.

2. Show your passion

The "woooow"-factor: Nothing is more important than showing passion for your business idea. Avoid faking it though. Dishonest excitement is just - yikes - don't you think? The audience has to feel you and your pitch. So, if you have the skills to pitch your ideas with passion and confidence, people will start supporting your mission.

3. Believe in your success

Internalize so you will succeed – and tell it to yourself before you pitch. “I will make it, I will rock that shit!” Be as pumped as possible and do some push-ups before you hit the stage.

4. Characteristics

Some characteristics are very important for your pitch. Before pitching, train these skills:

  • Have a good presence
  • Command the room
  • Tell a story
  • Hold eye contact

5. Don't give up

Pitching is just a matter of practice, it doesn't have to be an innate talent. It might take about 20 times delivering your pitch before you really feel confident with it. So, pitch as often as you can.

6. Your pitch deck

After step zero (which is to have a great idea), there comes the next one – your pitch deck. Give your presentation background a color, otherwise it will look like you’ve just opened a white new document, inserted a new text box and started typing. As always, looks matter. That's just the world we live in...

7. Choose your words wisely

Try to avoid words like “maybe”, “potentially”, “soon”, “try” etc. Be self-confident, but never lie during your pitch.